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Canal Alarm Devices has been loyally serving customers since 1973. Professionals in the world of physical security rely on the professionals of Canal Alarm for their equipment needs. We have experts ready to give courteous service with a phone call or a personal visit. We make the wonders of technology available through our complete lines of Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Tools & Hardware, Power, Wire & Cable, Audio Visual, and Networking devices, to which we add a wonderful, personal experience.

We opened our original storefront in 1973. Our reputation for extensive inventory and competitive prices began with our first customer. We grew from a humble burglar alarm shop in lower Manhattan to a leading value-added distributor of video surveillance systems on Canal Street, with customers returning again and again for our low pricing and high reliability. The new millennium's explosion of affordable technology brought new lines of audio visual, home automation, and IP devices, as we moved to our Ronkonkoma, NY showroom. We continue to expand to meet your needs with showrooms, classes, educational and social media, and more.

Our customers gave us a reputation early on for keeping our word, and that trust continues no matter our growth.

Our commitment to you focuses on four criteria:

We can satisfy your security needs, as we carry everything from highly popular products to obscure accessories. Our only concern is having the item you need when you need it, even if it's rarely needed or no longer carried by other suppliers. We track our total inventory of nearly 150,000 items tightly, and if a product is listed as being in stock, you can be sure we have it available for you.

We review our offerings regularly to make sure our prices are competitive, if not the lowest available. Our extensive selection and business relationships allow us to make deals that we can convert to savings for you. If you have an issue with our price on any product, please Contact Us. If you know of a better price elsewhere, our associates will do their best to find a way to serve you.

We commit to providing extraordinary service before and after you purchase from us. We value your contact with our associates, as we expect them to provide you with a great experience. You're invited to call them or visit in person - they're waiting to serve you. Our staff will graciously give you the time needed to discuss your product needs and welcome you with the warmth of our security family.

Many of our staff are experts in their own right, having worked in their fields before joining us. We have recruited dozens of security professionals who continue their involvement in industry groups through Canal Alarm Devices and on their own. We place them at your disposal to offer advice based on working in the field for many years.


Canal Alarm associates spend more than 25% of each month in equipment training, in addition to their own experience as security professionals. Our technology courses teach the science behind each type of gear we carry and techniques for each discipline the gear is used for. Our product training brings manufacturer representatives to demonstrate the use of newly arriving items. Our experts extend their experience to train each other as well, sharing new technologies and ideas among themselves. Talk to our pros to find out the latest in equipment development.

By Department

We aren't a conglomerate dedicated to pushing products for the company's benefit, with our sales staff lumped together as one. Our teams are divided by equipment group, allowing you to take advantage of their expertise in specific areas of technology. Our department groups include Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Tools & Hardware, Power, Wire & Cable, Audio Visual, and Networking.

No Commission

To keep our staff focused on your needs, we don't pay commission. We believe that it's good for us to focus on what's best for you. Don't be surprised if your salesperson tries to bargain you down to a less expensive selection that suits your needs.

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Canal west

Toll-Free: (800) 955-6201
Local: (212) 431-5066
Fax: (212) 431-5422

Toll-Free: (800) 955-6201
Local: (212) 431-5066
Fax: (212) 431-5422

Canal East
(Long Island)

Toll-Free: (866) 836-5111
Local: (631) 237-1455
Fax: (631) 737-1761

Toll-Free: (866) 836-5111
Local: (631) 237-1455
Fax: (631) 737-1761